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My name is Birgit Zemsauer and I am a proud student of the New Media Production and Design program at SAIT. Throughout the program I have been given the opportunity to follow my passion and gain a diverse amount of skills in new media. With perfectionism and determination, I completed the first three semesters with excellent grades and a well-rounded skill set which allows me to cater to my client’s many needs.

I am particularly knowledgeable and proficient in Front-End Web Development, so my work is always delivered efficiently, while maintaining my client’s vision. It is my passion to improve user experience, so I am keen on the trends and enjoy upgrading user interfaces by implementing JavaScript functionalities. On top of my skills as a Web Developer, I also have experience in UI/UX Design, Photography, Videography and Animation, and I am proficient in using the associated programs. I consistently deliver great quality work. I am also a team player who has excellent interpersonal skills and often contribute great ideas for projects.

Contact: Brigit.Zemsauer@gmx.at